Outdoor Security Is Important For Homes & Businesses

March 29th, 2023

Outdoor Security Is Important For Homes & Businesses

Both home and business owners in , , are dealing with some very different professional and residential circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s changed many of our day to day activities, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for security.

In fact, for some homes and businesses in , , the need for suitable security measures has risen due to the pandemic circumstances. Here’s why security, especially outdoor security measures, can be an essential factor in peace of mind and safety right now.

Businesses Temporarily Shuttered

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has done is lead to a drop in crime in some sectors. Drug dealing and drug trafficking-related crimes, for example, have experienced a steep decline thanks to mobility issues and less cash available on the market for drug dealers to profit from.

Unfortunately, the same is not necessarily valid for theft. Businesses, especially retail companies with desirable goods such as food, home electronics, appliances, and other items, are extremely vulnerable at this time. With some businesses having temporarily closed with no reopening date in site, this may sometimes leave goods exposed.

Residences Are Vulnerable

While most people are following shelter in place guidance from the government and trying to reduce the chance of exposure and infection, not everyone is doing this. Some people, unfortunately, are of a criminal bent and use the reduced presence of others to roam more freely and bravely.

Others, however, are simply choosing to ignore health guidance and refuse to allow anything to impact their day-to-day activity. In either case, these are people that pose either a criminal or a health risk to the others in residential areas.

What Outdoor Surveillance Does

Outdoor security measures, like cameras, are both deterrents and investigative aids. For commercial properties, surveillance provides safety to people, such as in parking lots. There is a lower risk of theft and assault in parking areas that are well lit and monitored by security cameras. The same reduced chance of crime is true for commercial properties as well. Because cameras with correct placement can accurately record criminal details such as height, the color of clothing, and distinguishing physical features, this deters criminals from committing crimes.

The reason for this is the investigative factor. When criminal activity is recorded on a camera, this more accurate “eye-witness” can help with a police investigation. Not only is the physical description of the criminal exact, but there is also even a precise timeline of events to help eliminate or reinforce suspect involvement.

In a domestic situation, outdoor security provides the same deterrent effect, preventing people who might be tempted to scout a home for vulnerabilities to leave once they see the camera. However, cameras placed in neighborhoods can also be used for other investigations. If someone else’s house is robbed, or packages are stolen from a porch, or there are even reports of a child predator in the area, outdoor cameras may snatch images of these perpetrators that can help lead police to an arrest.

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