Master Key Systems

Keys are a basic tool to access a lock to close or open an opening. Keys are “keyed alike, where a group or family of locks are generally tooled to work with a single key. 

Master key systems are designed to allow individual keys to access a particular lock, and a “master key” to access all the locks. These individual keys that are tooled to fit in only one lock or cylinder are referred to as “high security keys”. Duplication of these keys and access to these cylinders or locks is restricted at different levels.

Keys, whatever their level of security, are the intellectual and physical property of the owner and should be treated as valuable since they have a monetary replacement value.

The Locksmith gets called upon as a general practice to re-key a property or key locks alike. Our commercial clients often have us master key all or parts of a building to allow access to certain employees to sensitive areas. Some clients prefer to have high security or restricted keys integrated into these systems to add to the layer of access and to prevent general duplication of keys.

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