Video Security for Retail Businesses in White Stone, VA

No matter the size of your White Stone, VA retail store or the amount of customer traffic you get on a daily basis, it’s vital to protect your business operations and ensure safety for your customers, employees and vendors. While there are many aspects of store security to consider, the cornerstone of any retail security plan is a professionally installed video security system. You have many options for video surveillance in White Stone, VA, so it’s important to do your research and partner with a qualified security provider. Working with an experienced security pro ensures that you’ll have a retail security system that provides maximum value for your dollar, as well as loss prevention, risk management, court admissible video evidence and more.

Professional Security System Design and Installation in White Stone, VA

The Locksmith specializes in designing, installing and maintaining commercial video security systems for retail business owners in White Stone, VA. We can equip you with the tools you need to protect against theft and shrinkage, keep employees and customers safe, and monitor your business 24/7 – from anywhere you happen to be. Our experienced team can assess your security needs, design a customized video security plan that fits your store footprint, and professionally install your system, providing peace of mind for years to come. We work with many types of White Stone, VA retail businesses, including these and more:

  • Apparel stores
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Bars
  • Big box stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels and motels
  • Jewelry stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants

Secure Your Retail Business with The Locksmith

Learn how we can help protect your White Stone, VA retail business against theft, shrinkage, break-ins, vandalism and other security concerns. Contact us today for a retail security needs assessment with one of our expert technicians.

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When it comes to theft, retail stores are one of the most frequently targeted establishments. The average White Stone, VA retail business with $1 million in annual revenue will lose about $50,000 each year due to shoplifting, employee theft (shrink) and other criminal activity. And for smaller businesses, the numbers are similar. Even for a business with $100,000 in annual gross sales, that translates to $5,000 in annual loss – a lot for a small business owner to have to absorb.

You may be surprised to learn that the source of retail losses isn't always shoplifting. Here's how retail business loss statistics break down:

  • Employee theft accounts for 47%
  • Shoplifting accounts for 32%
  • Administrative errors account for 14%
  • Vendor fraud accounts for 4%

In short, you could be losing money for more reasons than you might suspect, from dishonest workers to honest mistakes. But with a professionally installed video security system from The Locksmith, you can help to significantly reduce such losses and protect your business' bottom line. Many White Stone, VA business owners see positive results almost immediately after their security system installation is completed.

Installing a video security system is one of the easiest ways to protect your White Stone, VA retail business. Along with the most obvious benefit of being able to reduce shoplifting, installing video security can also assist in:

Employee Theft Prevention - Security cameras equipped with point of sale (POS) integration that enables you to identify cashier related shrink, unauthorized discounts, fraudulent transactions, and more. With point of sale integration, your video security recorder extracts transaction data from the cash register and overlays this data onto the video of the sale event. Having POS integration in place can serve as a theft deterrent for employees, who know that the technology is always watching.

Robbery Deterrent – Instances of attempted robbery can be significantly reduced when security cameras are present, as cameras are a significant deterrent to criminals. And if such an event does occur, you will have court admissible video evidence with the forensic detail needed for law enforcement authorities to identify the perpetrators.

Enhanced Customer Experience – Having a retail security camera system allows you to monitor employee and customer interactions, employee activities, service levels, traffic flows, blocked aisles and more. This provides the opportunity to identify areas of your retail floor where traffic flow can be redesigned, merchandising can be improved, and the overall customer experience can be enhanced for your White Stone, VA clientele.

Risk Mitigation - Security cameras can also help to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent premises liability (slip and fall) lawsuit claims. They also enable you to identify any safety risks in your store’s layout. This helps mitigate your overall business risk.

Conversion Optimization – Having a “bird’s eye view” of your retail floor can help you to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your advertising, marketing, in-store promotion, and customer interaction. You’ll have a better picture of what's working and what’s not, and you can use this data to make adjustments that lead to increased conversions and sales.

Remote Monitoring - You can use your retail surveillance system to monitor your White Stone, VA store(s) 24/7, from anywhere. Whether you're at your home office on the other side of town, or on vacation on the other side of the globe, you can use your laptop or mobile device to check in on your business at any time.

Improved Outcomes - Investigating a suspected theft incident? Need to prove your case in court? A professionally installed video security system can make it easier to do so, with multi megapixel cameras that provide the crystal clear, court admissible evidence that you need.

Even a top of the line video security system is only as good as the quality of its installation. That’s where The Locksmith comes in. We understand that every White Stone, VA retail business is unique, with different needs, store footprints, and customer traffic patterns. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your business’ security needs, and design a solution that works best for you. This includes camera form factor, camera placement, amount of multi megapixel resolution, type of recording device, recording device security, accessories, cabling and more. There are many aspects that must be considered during the design and installation of your retail security system, including:

Entrances and Exits – It’s essential that your cameras provide complete coverage of entrances and exits. This ensures that you’ll have a record of each person entering and leaving your store. The right camera placement not only helps to deter theft, but also provides critical video evidence should an incident occur.

Product Storage Areas – Stock rooms and storage areas are common targets of employee theft. Placing cameras in these areas will deter this type of activity – as well as other illicit activities – and help you track merchandise flows as well.

High Value Merchandise – High value merchandise, as well as products that are commonly targeted by shoplifters, should also have cameras focused on them. Visible cameras often deter theft before it happens.

Security Enclosures – You may want to consider securing your video recorder in an enclosure. The Locksmith offers secure enclosures for video recorders that provide protection against heat and dust, and have locking doors to prevent theft and tampering. We also work with you to locate your recorder’s enclosure for optimal security.

Exterior Areas – Parking lots and other exterior areas of your retail business are particularly vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other undesirable activity. Covering these areas with security cameras protects vehicles, keeps employees and customers safe, and can also help reduce liability if an accident occurs on your property. This is especially important for businesses with outdoor areas that serve customers, such as restaurants with patios.

Power Outages – Power surges or outages can impact your video surveillance capabilities. Equipping your video security system with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) can mitigate the risk to your business in the event of a power loss.

Hidden Cameras – Depending on your retail business’ needs, you may want to consider including covert (hidden) cameras as part of your overall video security plan. These undetectable cameras “hide in plain sight,” and can provide video evidence in the event that visible cameras are destroyed or tampered with.

Privacy Protection – Finally, it's important to ensure that your video security system’s installation doesn't violate privacy laws. You must place cameras only in public areas or non-public areas that are routinely accessed by your employees. Placing cameras in bathrooms or changing rooms is illegal, and depending on your state laws, placing cameras in employee break rooms may also be prohibited. The Locksmith can advise you on proper procedures to ensure that the privacy rights of your employees and customers are protected.

Protection You Can Trust 

Your White Stone, VA retail business is your livelihood, and keeping your business operations protected should be your primary goal. Overcoming the perils of shoplifting, employee theft, and vandalism requires some thoughtful planning, and the right partner to design and install a retail security camera system that keeps a watchful eye over your business 24/7. Our professional security team at The Locksmith is ready to help protect your business.


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