Outsmarting Burglars And Protecting Your Home

July 20th, 2023

Outsmarting Burglars And Protecting Your Home

To outsmart a burglar in , you need to learn how they think. If you can do this, you can find better ways to protect yourself and your property and develop more effective defensive strategies for your home.

According to the FBI, there were 1.2 million burglaries in the United States in 2018. This number represents approximately 17 percent of all property crimes during that time. With those staggering numbers, it is clear that we need to take certain measures to secure our home and property while learning how to outsmart the burglars affecting our livelihood.

How Does A Burglar Think?

According to research and available data, there are specific approaches that a burglar takes as they steal. A professional burglar, for example, knows how to disable most alarms, knows not to leave any fingerprints behind, and can even crack a safe within the home using an electromagnetic drill.

On the other hand, you also have web-enabled thieves who use the internet to find their targets. They surf social media platforms to look for people about to embark on a vacation. This makes it easy for them to target a home that will empty at a specific time. This is why we are told never to post anything about our vacations or when we won't be home on social media.

Then you have the planners, the ones who take their time, scope out their target, and plan everything before proceeding. They will carry all the gear they need to enter the home and get the job done without drawing too much attention to themselves. They tend to be more calculated and a lot stealthier.

Protecting Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, you never know which type of burglar has you in their sights, so you will want to prepare for every possible scenario. No matter what type of burglar they are, it is likely that they value their privacy and don't want to be seen.

So, as a homeowner, you can start protecting your home by eliminating any hiding spots there may be outside. You can then install motion sensor lighting and cameras outside to keep an eye on the perimeter and alert you if there is any movement you should be aware of.

Next, cover your windows, and don't allow a burglar to see what valuables you have inside the home. Make sure you can't see into the home from the sidewalk, across the street, or from a neighbor's yard.

You can also join your neighborhood watch. You will find that having more eyes on your property will make a big difference.

Identify The Signs

Finally, learn how to identify the signs of a planned burglary. Pay attention to strangers in the area, be wary of unsolicited offers, and take small changes seriously.

To get more help in protecting your property and to see what your options are when it comes to home security, contact the experts at your local security store in for more information.

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